Oh Hellooo!!!

Thai Spiced Corn Patties

Yes, I’ve been missing from the blogosphere for quite a while.

Yes, I’ve missed my blogger homies.

Blame it on my star sign…I always do…

Gemini: They are very flighty and will disappear for a long time as they meet new friends and explore new places. But when they come back, they will have new thoughts, opinions and interesting things to share and ideas to teach…

Some things, however remain a constant – good food, wine and great Vodka.

I’ve been eating meat free for a week now…I was also going to go alcohol free but I had to be realistic – I can only cope with one mad idea at a time. There’s no religious or medical reason for going meat free just thought I would see how many vegetarian dishes I could come up with. Turns out, quite a few actually.

This does mean however I have been over compensating for the lack of meat in my diet with lots of alcohol – don’t judge – I’m on school holidays and I can do what I want…I’m the teacher…so there…!!!

A friend of mine popped around my place today and I made us a pretty simple but tasty lunch. I had made a Thai spiced paste last week and used that in these delish little corn patties (patties…not panties…that would be just wrong) or fritters or corn cakes or whatever…

I’m coming to you from my phone tonight so to list all the ingredients and recipes would kill me. I’m using one thumb to type…fuckin hell…!!!

So I cooked, and we ate thus, and there was lots of witty banter and merriment – probably due to the Pinot Grigio and then I seriously needed a nap…and so I did napeth…

Happy to be back 🙂

Recipes to come when I can get off my couch and get my laptop from the dining table…



3 thoughts on “Oh Hellooo!!!

  1. I don’t know how but I found your blog today. Sorry to see you are not posting because this is really funny. Most likely because you are a teacher and can’t even think to sit down and write a blog post!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed reading – yes I’m pretty much brain dead after spending the day with teenagers. I do hope to post a little more once school holidays come around in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your comment 😊

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