I’d make a meat pun – but I’d probably butcher it…!!!

I’m not even going to bother trying to explain why I’ve been missing for 2 years!

2 Years!


What have I been doing? I really can’t say. I can’t say because I really don’t know.

Living or maybe just surviving! It’s gone all too quickly and I’m finding that I’m not happy with not being able to control time – or at least slow it down a bit.

I turned 50 last year and thought ‘Hey, that’s crazy!’  but then I turned 51  this year and thought ‘Aaargh! Wish I was 50!’

My daughter just turned 24 and had herself another successful party where nothing was damaged and everyone cleaned up after themselves. I came home to a relatively clean house. Strange kids!

I’m not quite sure how to update this blog. It is based on my obsession with stocking my pantry and cooking but a lot has changed. I’m still happy to write about food but really hate listing ingredients for recipes so I get sloppy with that. You might say I ‘butcher’ my posts on slow roasted meats or grilling steaks because it takes a lot of effort to list ingredients and the method (I’m lazy like that). I like the stories and the final product – all the pretty pictures but somehow listing ingredients isn’t one of my favourite things. Going to have to do something about that if I’m going to continue writing about food. Hence my dilemma.

There are other topics I’d like to write about but how do I combine them with food. I had a thought I could write about my daily life – what it’s like working in a secondary school, teaching teenagers and working with teachers…plenty of stories there! But then how do I fit that in with food?

I guess I could combine both by telling a story about my day including what food I cooked as to be honest, what I cook is definitely linked to how I feel after a day at work. For example, today is a really busy teaching day. I’m in class all day so it’s a 7/11 store bought tuna salad sandwich for lunch (bought on the way to work this morning) and probably a basic lentil bolognese with pasta for dinner.

I really just want to see how my working day affects my cooking/eating habits. One thing I noticed while re reading my old posts was that there was always a mention of work and workload and so much centred around whether I was on holidays and relaxed or totally wound up and unable to think straight.

This is something I made for breakfast a couple of Sundays ago. Not wanting to get out of my pj’s to buy bread, I remembered a recipe by Sydney based food writer and stylist Donna Hay where she lined muffin trays with bacon, so it was like a bacon bowl, then combined eggs, mascarpone and parmesan cheese, added chopped parsley and poured into the bacon bowls. They were baked in a hot oven for around 25 – 30 mins until the bacon was crispy and the eggs had puffed up like mini souffles – no need for bread – scrumptious and as much as I love toast, I could definitely eat lots of these in my face!



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