Left Overs

Baked Rigatoni with Lamb

While I’m in a communicative mood I’m going to post, post, post as I really have no idea how long this mood will last. I am never quite sure how my mood will affect my ability to write, think, be nice, cook and whatever else. At times I completely surprise myself by the things I do and at other times I surprise myself by not being surprised at all by the things I do…

Things I’ve done this week – I spent almost a whole day sleeping, only getting out of bed to visit the little girl’s room (twice) or to make coffee (again, twice) – Yes, I’m one of those people who can drink coffee and go straight to sleep. I  followed my sleepy, lazy day by pulling everything out of my wardrobe and undertaking a major cull – 4 garbage bags of clothes and more than 20 pairs of shoes are still sitting in the boot of my car, ready for the local op shops – was it to downsize? – Don’t be stupid – It was purely to make room for new stock – it’s nearly boot season after all.

I have a confession to make you see. I may seem like a cool dudette who loves loud music and could out drink you in Vodka but I have a weakness for shopping – mainly shoes – usually boots! To be fair, I do keep things for a very long time so some of the shoes I got rid of I have had for more than 10 years. Remember that my blog is called ‘pantryobsession’ – my pantry is just one obsession I’m afraid and I’m picky about the things I buy and how they are stored…don’t judge me, it doesn’t make me superficial, it just makes me…superspecial…and don’t worry, I won’t exactly be going barefoot – I still have a substantial amount of shoes sitting snuggly and safely in my wardrobe.

...or it really is just because I'm a Gemini...

…or it really is just because I’m a Gemini…

Then I spent a day watching cooking shows and I’m feeling a little inspired. Food Safari tonight featured Afghan food – just wonderful and now have a few more ideas about what to do with all the home grown chillies I have. Looks like an Afghan feast coming up this weekend. In a round about way I’m getting closer to the point of this story, I promise. Actually it’s not much of a story really and there’s not really a point…but anyway!

Yesterday’s slow cooked lamb got in me in the mood for some more cooking and my thoughts began to drift towards what I would do with the left over lamb.

Usually I slice it up and make some baked risoni in a tomato sauce and add the lamb and top with strands of Greek Kaseri cheese – this is just so tasty but alas, I wasn’t able to find any risoni – very strange indeed! Where had all the risoni gone? I tried two delis, both places filled with every type of pasta imaginable but no risoni! Were the local Greeks hoarding it all? What was going on?

I used rigatoni instead and it was just so good…told you it wasn’t much of a story…I couldn’t find risoni so I used rigatoni…Pfft!

No recipe required here…slice up left over lamb (chuck in the bones too for flavour), add pasta and pour over hot water with tomato paste. I scrape all the bits of herbs that have fallen off the lamb onto the plate in there as well for extra flavour. Top with grated Greek Kaseri Cheese and bake in the oven…too simple and too good!

Love my shoes, my food and my mad, mad world 🙂

Good use of left overs.

Good use of left overs.

Oink Balls are the bomb!

Pork  Meatballs

I love pork!

I re typed this first sentence so many times…first it was “I like a good pork”..then…”I could be porked every night and never get tired of it”…finally I came up with “my butcher gives good pork”…but it all sounded a bit crass so I will stick with “I love pork!”

I want to know one thing from bloggers out there…how many of you buy meat from a local butcher or market or wholesaler and how many of you buy meat from the supermarket? I don’t think I’m a food snob (actually, maybe I am) but I just don’t see how anyone can justify buying meat from the supermarket in those awful cling wrapped containers.

I guess I love shopping for food and don’t mind spending my Saturday driving from place to place in order to purchase my favourite food items from my favourite places. If I have to drive half an hour just to buy my favourite cheese, I will. I’m busy just like everyone else  but Saturday is my food day, unless I’m on school holidays, then everyday is a food day with one trip out to a winery with friends guaranteed.

Get to know your butcher people! Don’t give more money to those fuckers at the stupidmarket! Coles and Woolworths bloody brands everywhere forcing people to buy their shitty products…so tired of it!!!

If someone can tell me where I can buy toilet paper and cleaning products without having to go into a supermarket, please tell me, and don’t say bloody COSTCO because I’m not giving them my money either!

OK! On a lighter note…

I love my butcher and he minced up some wonderful pork, veal, chicken and beef for me this morning and this made me soooooo happy! Did I mention that I love my butcher?

I used the pork mince to make these tasty meatballs tonight and they were so…well…tasty! With herbes from the garden and a little bit of mashed potato and mustard in the pork balls and cooked in a fresh tomato, onion and garlic sauce, I was feeling pretty self righteous!

A great meal with not one cent of my hard earned money going to these horrible stupidmarkets!

Eat well and fight on!