Cleaning out the Fridge

Grilled Lebanese Zucchini with Spicy Yoghurt

I think I have posted every day this week, maybe even 2 posts per day, I’m not sure.  I do know however that I have spent a hell of a lot of time on wordpress lately, checking out new blogs and looking through others I haven’t read for a while. Somehow I managed to finish reading a novel today, which I had only started reading last night, and still managed to cook, take photos and cook.

I even cleaned out the fridge, which is where I found a bag of Lebanese Zucchini (or baby marrow or itty bitty courgettes), and to my surprise they were still ok.

So, I sliced them and coated them in the same spice mix and olive oil I used on Mondays’ ‘souzoukakia’ and Tuesdays’ pumpkin soup and grilled them. I also had half a tub of Greek yoghurt left over so I made a garlic yoghurt dip thingy and served that up with the zucchini and some wonderful crusty bread and feta cheese.

After all my posting over the last few days, this is all I can cope with at the mo’

Check ya later 🙂

Get them ready, slice them and spice them up!

Get them ready, slice them and spice them up!

Grill them and make the dip.

Grill them and make the dip.

Serve, eat and be happy!

Serve, eat and be happy!

A Summer Wish

Greek Salad

Yep I was right! I have caught a cold and am bed bound today. Annoying because I don’t like being bed bound and as it’s Saturday it has killed off my plans for some much needed retail therapy.

I don’t usually complain about the weather and colds don’t normally stop me from doing what I want to do but in this case there are no headache tablets left in the house or cough mixture as everyone has been sick so the medicine cabinet is almost empty. Lots of cups of herbal tea for me.

My partner left for work early this morning and my daughter stayed at her friend’s house last night so they could go to their part time jobs together so it’s just me, the dog and the cat all day. Sounds great…but my head aches and my throat is sore and I don’t want to keep getting out of bed to make another cuppa!

After all the wonderful food I serve up to my family and the fact that I look after them when they are sick, you would think that they would stay home and bring me my tea when I called for it and make me some soup for lunch and set up my doona on the couch and bring me my magazines and laptop etc…and make me toast with honey and…and…and…and no wonder they went to work!

What does this have to do with Greek Salad?…Not much really!!! Apart from the fact that the other night we were talking about going to Greece next year for a holiday and as it’s summer over there now and my facebook is full of posts from my relatives partying on Greek Islands and eating Greek Salads, I felt the need to make a Greek inspired meal.

So,  grilled lamb chops with olive bread and dip served with individual bowls of Greek Salad. I serve mine without olives (not a big fan), I serve my daughter’s without feta cheese (she hates it) but my handsome man gets the lot (he loves it all).

Do I need to provide a recipe for this? The bbq lamb chops had already been marinated in olive oil, oregano and crushed garlic before they were put in the freezer so they were so tasty and tender. The olive oil I use is from my dad’s olive trees in Greece that my cousin looks after and he sends dad a barrel of the stuff each year. Of course we are lucky enough to share in this as we all get bottles of this amazing olive oil, slightly peppery in taste…I just love it!  The oregano I use is always mum grows it and dries it and gives me heaps of it. Oregano is the only herb, I believe, that tastes better when it’s dried. The olive bread is from a bakery (funny I eat olive bread but don’t really like olives) but I will bake one myself one of these days.

A touch of Greece in our house on a very, very cold night!