Get your hiking boots girl…

Really nice steak for dinner

I don’t even think this has a name.

I was using up stuff from my fridge that were beginning to look a little less than fresh.

Believe it or not I didn’t go food shopping over the weekend…went clothes shopping Saturday morning and had every intention to food shop after that and by that I mean after clothes shopping and coffee and scones with jam and cream with a friend.

Getting back to my car my friend pointed out that my car was missing something very important…license plates! WTF!!!

A visit to the Police Station and a Police report later and that was the end of my day! The thought of some ass wipe committing a crime with my license plate on some car they’ve stolen and trying to pin the blame on me…well…may fleas and other nasties infest your nether regions and set up camp forever you effn f@*#er!!!

It was hot and humid and my arse was not going anywhere after all that! Even the idea of finally picking up my Spanish white anchovies wasn’t enough to motivate me such was my black mood.

Sorry, crazy mood over…and then it was a new day!

A beautiful day yesterday saw us out for lunch by the bay in Williamstown and then a long drive to Daylesford to peruse the local antique shops and galleries and a rather luke warm, vomit inducing ‘iced’ chocolate..horrible! I only felt better when I walked into an actual real book store with actual real books and found a copy of Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential”…had to buy it as some effn swine stole it from my bookshelf many years ago…I think Mr. Bourdain is wonderful.

So with my smile planted nicely back on my face I made us a nice dinner tonight to farewell my daughter who is off camping for the rest of the week. You have no idea how funny this is to me. She hates camping and hiking and bugs and everything that goes with it and so does her boy friend but his dad has insisted that they all go off camping and hiking this week…the pleasure I will get from the torture she will suffer this week is rather perverse I know but I can’t help it…she says I’m evil and she may just be right!

My daughter is happier shopping than hiking!

So, what went into this…a nice cut of steak, leeks, red onion, asparagus with Marsala, cream and blue cheese sauce sitting on a bed of lettuce…pretty damn good actually.  


Queen Victoria Market

Asparagus and Leek Something or Other…

Yesterday was a beautiful warm and sunny day in Melbourne and called for a stroll through The Queen Victoria Market.

Many years ago I used to do all my food shopping there. My dad introduced me to his favourite butcher and my sister – in – law’s family owned a couple of the fish/seafood stalls so I was always guaranteed to get the best and freshest of everything. I had my trolley and never needed a list, buying what caught my eye. I loved doing this. Then along came a child (my child, not that I found one at the market) and full time work and those weekly visits came to an end.

Of course dad’s butcher is no longer there and my sister – in – law’s fam have sold up and retired.

Yesterday I had the need to get there and just soak up the atmosphere. Lots more sit down food/coffee areas but the stalls full of crappy Australiana are still there. We walked up and down every aisle, looking at every crappy T.Shirt, remote control toys for kids and the little battery operated yappy dogs that did flips (I had one of those when I was kid) and found my eyes welling up. My handsome man’s eyes were also teary and I was shocked to see him so emotional but it turns out his eyes were teary because of a man who obviously needed a lesson in personal hygiene and not from any type of nostalgia!

Strolling through the fruit and veg stalls were the guys competing for business, trying to out yell one another. Seriously, this one guy was about to burst the veins in his neck…indeed at one point I thought his head would explode…So, I stood, watched and waited but alas no joy! His head stayed intact!

They had the most beautiful smelling mangoes and awesome pomegranates as well as the freshest looking asparagus I have ever seen. I bought lots of each.

The pomegranates are gone already as I went on a bit of a Vodka kick when I got home (it was a hot day ok!!!) and squeezed the juice into my martini glass and banged out all those amazing little rubies with my rolling pin and added them to my glass and poured in my Vodka and sat outside in my small court yard and just went to Heaven for a while…mmmmmm….Vodka!

But this really is about the asparagus. I came home from work today and looked through the freezer (found puff pastry) so decided that the asparagus would go into this pie/quiche thingy. Full of the free range eggs I had bought and the baby leeks, the grated nutmeg and some wonderful cheese (blue cheese and parmesan) and cream and topped with sliced tomatoes from the organic section and served with a green salad…well, it was so good I made two of them so I could have some more tomorrow.

Oh, and I finally managed to track down the dark muscovado sugar I have been looking for so the ingredients for my Christmas cake a slowly coming together…Damn that Nigella and her must try Chocolate Christmas Cake with ingredients that are hard to come by…

Cheers people and now for the rest of my Pomegranate Vodka which has steeped nicely over night…thank you Melbourne for giving me a day off work tomorrow for a horse race 🙂

Can’t Cook – Grand Final Is On!

Falafel Rolls with Blue Cheese & Roasted Macadamia Dip

So, this is it! Grand Final Day! Footy season is over.

Congratulations to Sydney Swans who beat Hawthorn in a nailbiter…awesome! (I hate Hawthorn almost as much as I hate Carlton!)

We may not be big into religion in Australia, but Aussie Rules (the footy) is your religion if you come from Melbourne and Grand Final Day is Easter Sunday and Christmas all rolled into one. Me, I’m no exception…I loves me ma footy!!!

I had to pick up my daughter from a nearby suburb today but she had to wait until half time as the Grand Final was on! My team didn’t make it this year (actually beaten last week by the team who won today and I was supporting them…go figure!), but that doesn’t mean you don’t watch the grand final!

Driving to pick her up, there was not a car on the road, except for mine, and only about 2 people walking their dogs along the waterfront in Williamstown…great view of the city skyline across the bay…I love living here, and by here I don’t just mean the suburb but the city…Melbourne is wonderful, even if the weather is crap most of the time. Such is the dedication of Melbournians to their football, that not a soul was out on the street today but rather indoors at home or at a pub or at the MCG watching the game. Even my parents, little old Greek people stayed home to watch the grand final!

So, the ritual is potato chips, dips and alcohol throughout the game and the scalding hot meat pie with sauce at half time. As I had to pick up my daughter at half time we had to move the pie eating to an earlier time in the game…they were hot…I love a good meat pie with sauce! (see earlier post about my pie nights).

I blame the Grand Final for not making dinner so by 8:30pm we were really hungry as we ate the pies earlier than we would normally have. Luckily being so obsessed with food and my pantry, things are always fully stocked. Being on holidays also meant that I’ve had time to prepare lots of little bits and pieces, handy for occasions such as this.

One look in the fridge and there was that blue cheese and roasted macadamia dip I found online and made yesterday staring back at me. A further look in the fridge and out came the falafels and pickles and salad…fresh bread rolls in the pantry? of course!…there was dinner!

I am usually a very neat and tidy eater but I just tear into these and it ends up looking like a dog’s breakfast but that most certainly doesn’t detract from the taste…delish!