Killer Breakfast

Waffles, Maple/Bacon Butter and Eggs

After a heated debate on world politics and the death penalty with my handsome man early this morning, I felt a little bad that I used my years of research against him and hammered him with arguments he was unable to respond to…so I made him a killer breakfast!

I found these awesome waffles in a gourmet deli and knew they would be deadly…and they were! I also wanted to try this maple syrup with chopped bacon mixed in with french butter I saw in a recipe book about a year ago and added a fried egg…just because!

We may not agree on some political issues but we do agree on a good breakfast and good food and for me, that’s a very good thing!

That is all…


Kick Starting the Day!

I could eat anything for breakfast!

I guess breakfast food is my favourite food and I can eat it any time of the day or night. This is just as well as I can rarely stomach food before 9am on a weekday. As I am usually at work by 8:15 my morning usually consists of a strong coffee to kick start me. I know! I know! This is not good but I do make up for it at morning tea break at around 10:30.

Strangely enough, at the weekend I can eat anything for breakfast and most of the time it is way before 9am. I like to linger over my breakfast and coffee. I don’t like to rush it. I’m happy to get up at 7am and make from scratch pancakes and maple syrup with a side of bacon (and I’m not even American!) I love eggs done any way with toast. I’ve even been known to incorporate the previous night’s evening meal into breakfast.

Such was the case this morning when I made cheesy scrambled eggs with spring onions (is that scallion or green onion in The US?), coriander, cherry tomatoes and left over falafels from last night’s dinner. The cheese was a crumbly pickled onion flavour and made the scrambled eggs extremely rich so I left out the tahini dressing.

I’m very full and ready for my day. I only wish I had received that roast pork lunch invitation before I had all this for breakfast as I would have just had my wonderful vegemite toast (I know you all think it’s nasty stuff but I love it!).