Sunday Night Pork In My Belly.

Orange, Garlic and Soy Pork Belly with White Bean Mash.

You would think that having a daughter who will turn 20yrs old this year,  I would have a lot of time up my sleeve to do my own thing…you would think, wouldn’t you?

Well, that’s not how it works around here. My daughter, you see, actually likes spending time at home with me. She teases and jokes about sticking me in a nursing home and hiding my Vodka but I think she really actually likes me! She must – she said so in her Mother’s Day card to me…

So, when she told me she was going to spend a whole 3 days at her dad’s, I did a little secret dance in my bedroom and felt all giddy inside. Finally, 3 days to myself…what would I do?

Well as it turned out, I didn’t do much at all. Which was wonderful. When I say I didn’t do much, I actually meant I didn’t leave the house much. I went out for drinks with the girls after work on Friday as there was no need to rush home to cook. I knew what I was having anyway, thanks to ‘foodisthebestshitever’ – WTF Nachos – for sure!

Those nachos were the bizz…

bubbly cheesy goodness with a lava of spicy beans underneath...

bubbly cheesy goodness with a lava of spicy beans underneath…

Thanks Graz for the best after drinks Friday night, absolutely no sharing dinner idea...

Thanks Graz for the best after drinks Friday night, absolutely no sharing dinner idea…

The pantry and fridge were already full in anticipation of this free weekend – so it was washing clothes, sitting outside with a Cosmo (it was a beautiful day) and flicking through cooking magazines and whiling away time on FB.

Back to reality today (after a great sleep in followed by an afternoon nap) and in went the pork belly with an orange, garlic and soy glaze for a slow roasting. Served with white bean mash – so yummy!

Yep, she walked in, slapped me on the arm, called me something and then we sat down and enjoyed a yummy Sunday night dinner – although, she said she didn’t like the mash.

Hmmm, I had moved out of home at her age…think I’m making it a bit too comfortable around here…

I managed to get one dodgy photo and then my phone died…sorry about that.




Cooking for the Two of Us!

Salt & Pepper Squid

So, when my daughter tells me she is staying over at her boy friend’s house I do two things:  #1 try not to think about it and #2 take comfort in food and alcohol.

I’ve written before about how she will devour crumbed calamari rings, (but only if I make them) but dish up salt and pepper squid to her and she’d rather stick forks in her eyes than eat.

I made this on Saturday night, drank a nice bottle of bubbly and danced around the living room to the strains of  Van Halen!

Bubbly will make me do that!


Five-spice mix

1 tbsp ground ginger
1 tbsp celery powder
1 tbsp chicken stock powder
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp five-spice powder

500 g fresh whole squid
2 tbsp self-raising flour
peanut oil
4 spring onions, chopped
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 red chilli, chopped
½ tbsp rice wine


Combine the ingredients for the five-spice mix and set aside.

Clean the squid by pulling the tentacles from the body. Wash out the tube and remove the clear ‘backbone’. Peel off the skin if you like. Cut the tentacles from the head and discard the head. Cut the tube into triangles, which helps the squid to curl during cooking. You can score the triangle pieces if you like. I did this time but don’t always.

In a bowl, mix the self-raising flour with 1 tablespoon of peanut oil and a little water to make a paste. Add the squid pieces and tentacles and coat well. Sprinkle and toss with enough cornflour until the pieces are dry.

Heat enough peanut oil in a wok for deep-frying. Add the squid in batches and cook until golden and crisp. Remove with a  slotted spoon. When all the squid is cooked, drain most of the oil from the wok.

Add the spring onions, garlic and chilli to the wok. Stir-fry for 30 seconds. Return the squid to the wok, add 2–3 teaspoons of five-spice mix and toss well. Add the rice wine, toss and serve immediately.

I served the squid with stir fry veggies consisting of corn, red capsicum, onion, snow peas as well as coconut rice with thai basil and coriander.

loving the colours!

loving the colours!

Too good!
Too good!

Winning combination!

Winning combination!