Once a Month

Cheese, Creamy Goodness!

I’ve already mentioned that I have changed my diet somewhat over the last few months. It hasn’t been anything revolutionary or for any medical reasons – it basically came about out of sheer laziness – did not want to think much about cooking anything too involved, did not want to peel things, or mash things, or watch over sauces after work – simple chopping, ย sautรฉing or chucking in a baking dish and forgetting about it for a while was about all I could handle for a long time.

Kale has become my best friend – don’t even have to cook it – I love it finely chopped and chucked in a salad. The trick with anything is to have your pantry and fridge stocked with great condiments and pickled stuff (see foodisthebestshitever about this stuff – they know what they are talking about)…I have eaten a hell of a lot of kale with quinoa and pickled everything type salads over the last 6 months.

So, every now and then my body and taste buds crave something delish, creamy and cheesy. If I’m going to eat mash potatoes, I’m going to fill that sucker with cream and real butter and all the good ย stuff. If I’m going to have pasta, I’m going to do the same – cream, butter, mushrooms, bacon and a near heart attack…

These are now my once a month foods – I don’t count down the days. It just seems to be about a month or so when I’m like “Oh, I feel like mashed potatoes” or “Linguine with cream, bacon and mushrooms sounds good” – then I’m out shopping as I have to be honest, I don’t keep any pasta, rice or potatoes in the house anymore and if I feel like bread with breakfast then I go out for a big breakfast (I think I bought some pumpkin bread just before Easter). I don’t even mean I have all of them once a month. I mean that it might be potatoes one month and pasta the next etc – my eating patterns have changed dramatically and my main meal is now usually lunchtime because after work cooking is still freaking me out too much.

So, another once a month food is a really creamy risotto – last night it was with asparagus and leek as well as some wine, cream, cheese and butter – served with chicken on the side – I love something good on the side…ahem…Chicken was browned and then placed in the oven with a handful of parsley, a good dollop of cream and more cheese and browned some more…If these are now going to be my ‘sometime’ food, they are going to go all the way with fat and flavour but stop short of killing me dead.

Thank goodness for Winter weather – Sundays of slow cooking and left overs for the next two days…and thank goodness for all the wonderful condiments and pickled stuff in the fridge to go with it.

Asparagus and Leek are my favorite things...

Asparagus and Leek are my favorite things…



10 thoughts on “Once a Month

  1. Oh my gosh Helen…. YUM. That melted cheese on the top is absolutely drool-worthy! I’m in love with kale also… it’s become one of my favourite things, so I completely understand what the fuss is about! And yeah, Graz is the pickling guru (both vegetables and himself, bahaa). Love the sparkly, ice-clinking site makeover my dear! xx

  2. They say it will reach 15C here on Friday so we’re all getting very excited. LOL.
    5 weeks till I’m in your ancestral home, Greece, so I may change colour from pale blue to white or even my usual summer hue of bright scarlet. But that’s what tavernas and ouzorias were designed for, to shade my lily Brit skin. Oh well ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 15C…!!! Wow…!!! That’s exciting ๐Ÿ™‚ Today is sunny but still only 6C outside – around 25C in my office – lol – will reach a top of 18C – nice day. Yay to going to Greece! Where are you going? Have a wonderful time and enjoy the ouzo – ouzo makes everything fun, especially when you start drinking it at 10am with the locals ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great time – so lucky!

  3. Honey, I think if I lived in the UK it would definitely be these comfort dishes all the time – what I consider cold you would laugh at – it reached 13C today and I have the heating cranked up to tropical temps…fancy pants – too funny but yes, I was definitely attracted to the glam look of this plus there’s a glass of something alcoholic and that’s always a good thing…hope it’s getting warmer there for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Living in the cold North, up here in the UK I just wouldn’t last if I only had those comfort dishes once a month although I do love the summer (what we get of one) when simple grilled meats and salad are the staple diet. Risotto though is a must all year round and that looks fab. And speaking of fab, check out that fancy-pants new look to your site! Its not just the change of diet and the cutsey makeover for you that’s been a-changing. Very glam madam, very glam indeed.

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