Salted Caramel

Well, this is new for me. I’m posting from my phone. I’m at a bit of a loss without my laptop and wifi!

We are away for the weekend and by away I really mean we are house sitting and by that I really mean we are dog sitting a few suburbs away from where we live.

My man’s dad and wife are off on a Caribbean cruise for 3 weeks and we are looking after Miss Suki. Suki is our Bella’s sister so here we are with our 2 Shar Pei’s, living like I used to when I bought my house back in 1992! No central heating and no wifi. Not that I knew what wifi was back then but I certainly knew what central heating was! I miss mine! Although, it’s kinda nice to stand in front of the gas heater and warm my butt just like I used to.

To be honest we are only here for the weekend and I will be home tomorrow. I feel old! I am old! My bones creak in the cold. My knees ache and I can’t stand up or sit down with making some groaning sound (and not in a good way!)

Yes, I’m old…my nephew turned 21 last Tuesday! WTF!!! When did that happen?

Being the good auntie I am, I baked a cake to take along tomorrow for his birthday lunch. After work yesterday I made a salted caramel sauce and I’ve just finished making the chocolate mud cake and the ganache is cooling and thickening as I type. Nice and rich and very bloody scrumptious!

I’m not even gonna bother with the mud cake recipe – just your standard recipe but the caramel – aaahhhh – the caramel! I could slather myself in that stuff and just fall in pure lust!!!!

Here it is:

2 cups sugar (white or light muscovado)
170g butter, chopped
1 cup double cream
1 tsp flaky salt

Place sugar in a large pot. Heat on medium to high heat. Keep whisking until the sugar dissolves. It will clump but that’s ok as it will eventually dissolve. Keep whisking – it will take a while.

Once the sugar has dissolved stop whisking and just swirl the pot every now and then. Keep swirling until the sugar changes colour (or reaches 350F if using a thermometer).

Once a lovely golden colour add all the butter and stir like crazy. It will bubble up like mad but that’s a good thing.

Once butter has melted through, take the pot off the heat and add the cream. Again it will bubble up but keep whisking until incorporated. Add salt.

Cool slightly and pour into a real cool jar (as in funky cool not cold cool). Once totally cooled place lid and store in fridge for up to two weeks.

I’m using it as a filling for my cake but you could use it on ice cream, caramel/chocolate tarts, or just slather yourself in it and chill…sexy stuff right here!