The Hangover Breakfast

Grease Is The Word!

There has been a lot written about hangover cures – cold pizza, hamburgers and fries and indeed anything greasy to ginger based drinks to sports drinks and even getting stuck right back in – hair of the dog!

There’s a huge list of do’s and don’ts and believe it or not, greasy food is on the don’t list – although I suspect that many of us don’t believe it and reach for a bacon toastie or a fried egg sanga.

Having had a few hangovers over the last couple of months I can tell you that drinking lots of water is good and then getting plenty of sleep but I think my favourite hangover food was my fried Turkish bread – one with tomato chutney and melted cheese and the other with a fried egg.

There’s something about fried bread – it’s not something I do very often at all – in fact I cannot remember the last time I ate it. But, it was just the thing on this particular morning – mind you not too early in the morning – this was more a lunch thing after about a litre of water.

No recipe just photos.

homemade spicy tomato chutney with melted cheese!

homemade spicy tomato chutney with melted cheese!

At least the eggs were organic!

At least the eggs were organic!


Home Alone

Eggs With Truffle Oil and Other Yummy Bits

It was my daughter’s last day of formal classes of high school yesterday and today they celebrated ‘muck up’ day. This is where they go to school in fancy dress and celebrate by throwing water bombs and flour at each other (eggs are now banned because they smell after a while). The school put on a bit of a carnival themed celebration for them. They had a bucking bronco, bouncy castle, photo booth and lots of carnival style food.

So, my baby has grown up!

13 years of school have flown by as I can clearly recall taking her to her first day of primary school and her first day of high school. Next Thursday her final exams begin – 5 exams over the next couple of weeks and it will all be over. It’s been a tough year. She’s learned a lot and we’ve had a few tears stemming from the pressure of this final year. But today, it was all about celebrating and the school recognising how wonderful this group of kids have been throughout the year.

So, she’s out at her best friend’s place tonight celebrating with the girls…no doubt as they are now all 18 years old, there may be some alcohol involved. Having said that, my daughter has not taken after me in the alcohol department. One glass of something that resembles and tastes like lolly water is enough for her and she tells me she likes Cider – go figure – No Vodka?

My man is on a ‘man date’ watching some manly film with his best mate, so I’m home alone for a few hours. I seriously can’t remember the last time I came home from work to an empty house – and by empty I mean it’s only me, the dog and the cat. Luckily as soon as they are fed they settle down for a very long sleep and there’s total silence.

My friend took a bunch of kids on an excursion today to ‘The Victoria Market’ and she was so kind as to bring back for the rest of us in our office some d’Affinois cheese (we call it Shar Pei cheese as the white rind is so wrinkly – like my dog which happens to be a Shar Pei). I love this cheese. It is so creamy but very high in fat which is probably why I like it.

Being on my own meant that dinner was all about me and I wanted, as Nigella says, “Minimal effort for maximum pleasure.”

This was the total opposite to last night’s post of exploding parsley for the white bait. Tonight everything was done quietly and gently with a dreamy look in my eye and I loved it!

Eggs with truffle oil, some creamy, dreamy d’Affinois, caramalised onion jam, slices of home made fennel salami and a glass of chilled white wine.

Now to chill out on the couch before the man gets home.

Cheers to great tasting simple food and wonderful wine!

Burn Baby Burn!

Eggs In Purgatory

I love the name of this!

I have a confession to make…I have a ‘thing’ for Nigella Lawson! Apart from being ridiculously beautiful, she is a damn fine food writer and cook. I don’t always use her recipes but am a little obsessed with watching her shows…love the way she wears heels when she cooks! I also love how she knows Anthony Bourdain (another of my little obsessions) well enough to call him Tony…

Last night I was excited to see the first episode of her new series where she made “eggs in purgatory.” Now, this is Italian in origin but my mum used to make something very similar to this for us when we were kids. I, in turn made it for my daughter when she was little but of course as my daughter is now in her late teens, she thinks it looks like spew and won’t touch it…(and yet she eats that horrid store bought chicken and sweet corn ‘soup’)…where did I go wrong?

I dreamt about this dish last night, so of course my man and I had to have it for dinner. Nigella is right about one thing…great as a hangover cure!

Not much to it really just heat a pan with olive oil and add grated garlic (lots of it), and as much chilli as you can handle (I can handle lots). Nigella used tinned tomatoes but I used fresh, only because I had a huge amount of them in the fridge that needed to be used, otherwise use 2 tins of tomatoes. Wait for all this to bubble and reduce a little, then crack as many eggs as you like into the pan. I used 4 eggs as there were two of us eating this. Top the whole thing with freshly grated parmesan (please don’t use that pre packed stuff that smells like smelly socks!) and ground pepper and pop the lid on the pan in order for the eggs to poach.

I had popped some great bread smeared with garlic oil under the grill and we were done. We ate right out of the pan, dunking the bread into the still runny egg yolk, mopping up all the wonderful tomato. Yes, it was hot and I burnt the roof of my mouth but my chilled glass of vodka and pomegranate juice helped soothe and ease the pain.

The beauty of this dish is that you can make it for one, two or many more people, just increase/decrease the amount of tomatoes and eggs according to the amount you are feeding.

The sun was out today and I’m feeling pretty good 🙂

Did I mention that I love being on holidays?