I Love Where I Live!

Pumpkin Bread with Avocado and Tomato

I live in an area that is awesome when it comes to buying food. This is pretty much due to the fact that more than a couple of thousand Lebanese people moved here many years ago. They opened up International Grocery Stores and excellent Lebanese Pizza places around the corner from my house. I can buy anything and everything that is wonderful there – spices, herbs and fresh locally grown fruit and veg. I count myself so very lucky. On top of that, the surrounding suburbs are a magical mix of people from South East Asia & the Subcontinent so Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Sri Lankin, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Nepalese restaurants, supermarkets and delis are everywhere. I can buy the most obscure Vietnamese or Thai ingredients to produce truly authentic food. If I want an Indian curry – no problem – I just head down to the next suburb and shop for whatever I want in the Indian grocery store. I don’t think I’ll be holidaying in Afghanistan any time soon but I can sure as hell eat their awesome food in one of the most wonderful little restaurants tucked away in a small neighbouring suburb, and all of this no more than a 10 minute drive from my house. I effn love where I live!

Buy real food people!

Buy real food people!

This has also meant that many ‘foodies’ have moved into the area and have opened up cafes and bakeries. Not all of them are great, not many of them last and some of these ‘foodies’ are just wankers, but those that are great become firm favourites with the locals. ‘Sourdough Kitchen’ is one of these places. This place is small but bakes and houses the most delicious bread I have ever had and the surrounding ‘good’ cafes use their bread to serve up to their customers. It was at one of these cafes where I fell in love with their pumpkin bread. I am more than happy to drive there and pay $6.50 for a very small loaf – it really is that good!

Such a great place!

Such a great place!

So, today I woke up normal work time early instead of having my usual holiday sleep in and made myself an espresso (only espresso will do in the morning and don’t get me started on buying instant coffee – that shit should be illegal) and found myself ready for the day. Yes, I headed out to ‘Sourdough Kitchen’ to buy bread. I love eating this bread thickly sliced, toasted and topped with avocado and tomato with lots of salt and black pepper and this is exactly what I had for lunch today. My daughter, who hates avocado, ate hers with tomato and the tzatziki I  had made yesterday. Great friggin’ lunch, the sun was bloody shining, I was on effn holidays – my life can be so wonderful sometimes I think I should celebrate it with a Vodka and Cranberry – it’s 2pm and a lovely afternoon drink is definitely in order…Cheers and bottoms up!

It was still warm when I bought it!

It was still warm when I bought it!

Alex's yummy lunch!

Alex’s yummy lunch!

My lunch - so friggin' delish!

My lunch – so friggin’ delish!


Burn Baby Burn!

Eggs In Purgatory

I love the name of this!

I have a confession to make…I have a ‘thing’ for Nigella Lawson! Apart from being ridiculously beautiful, she is a damn fine food writer and cook. I don’t always use her recipes but am a little obsessed with watching her shows…love the way she wears heels when she cooks! I also love how she knows Anthony Bourdain (another of my little obsessions) well enough to call him Tony…

Last night I was excited to see the first episode of her new series where she made “eggs in purgatory.” Now, this is Italian in origin but my mum used to make something very similar to this for us when we were kids. I, in turn made it for my daughter when she was little but of course as my daughter is now in her late teens, she thinks it looks like spew and won’t touch it…(and yet she eats that horrid store bought chicken and sweet corn ‘soup’)…where did I go wrong?

I dreamt about this dish last night, so of course my man and I had to have it for dinner. Nigella is right about one thing…great as a hangover cure!

Not much to it really just heat a pan with olive oil and add grated garlic (lots of it), and as much chilli as you can handle (I can handle lots). Nigella used tinned tomatoes but I used fresh, only because I had a huge amount of them in the fridge that needed to be used, otherwise use 2 tins of tomatoes. Wait for all this to bubble and reduce a little, then crack as many eggs as you like into the pan. I used 4 eggs as there were two of us eating this. Top the whole thing with freshly grated parmesan (please don’t use that pre packed stuff that smells like smelly socks!) and ground pepper and pop the lid on the pan in order for the eggs to poach.

I had popped some great bread smeared with garlic oil under the grill and we were done. We ate right out of the pan, dunking the bread into the still runny egg yolk, mopping up all the wonderful tomato. Yes, it was hot and I burnt the roof of my mouth but my chilled glass of vodka and pomegranate juice helped soothe and ease the pain.

The beauty of this dish is that you can make it for one, two or many more people, just increase/decrease the amount of tomatoes and eggs according to the amount you are feeding.

The sun was out today and I’m feeling pretty good 🙂

Did I mention that I love being on holidays?