Food that makes Sense

Talking to Vegies

Sometimes I get more sense out of my vegetables than people. Food makes more sense to me. I choose what I like and it has a purpose. I treat food well and in return it treats me well. It’s a mutual admiration society.

Every weekday I get into my car and drive to work. The school I teach at has over a thousand students and I teach quite a few of them everyday. They are teenagers and they are loud. Sometimes what they say and do doesn’t make any sense at all but that’s what I expect from teenagers. The way I see it we all have a job to do and their job is to listen and complete classwork and homework, sit tests and do their best. It is also their job to confuse and baffle you…to come up with crazy ideas and make the wrong decisions…I expect that from teenagers…and I like them!

I don’t however expect that from adults. I expect that adults, especially those who work in education to be a little more than just one step ahead in the logical thinking department than a 15 year old. However that was what I had to deal with today. I had to speak to a senior person at my daughter’s school who made a carrot that has been sitting at the bottom of your fridge for more than 2 months look like a genius (I mean no disrespect to the carrot). I left the conversation with a queasy stomach and an uneasy feeling that I will be seeing that carrot again!

This, luckily, was not the case when on my way home from work I stopped to pick up a wonderful fresh bunch of baby carrots for tonight’s evening meal. I felt at ease and happy knowing that I would soon be home, dressed in my pj’s and in the safety of my kitchen transforming that carrot into something tasty and wonderful (nothing, however was going to make that man tasty or wonderful!).

The carrots were used with other vegetables in a Moroccan Spiced CousCous with a red pepper paste. Wonderfully vegetarian and tasty!