You asked for Steak…

Rib Eye Steak with seasoned chips

There has been this amazing feeling of calm in our house this year. No more school lunches, school uniforms, homework and deadlines…my daughter has finished school and is taking a gap year. She has paid for her trip to Europe later in the year and is now working in order to save money so she can have somewhere to sleep as well as eat over there for 3 months.

It’s amazing how much money I have managed to save now that I don’t have to pay school fees or buy books etc…I may even get to go on a holiday myself this year!

This has meant that I have more money to spend on amazing food like these enormous rib eye steaks I bought over the weekend. When my daughter suggested steak and chips for dinner, I went to the butcher planning on buying a large piece of rump steak to chuck on the BBQ but instead came home with 3 huge rib eye steaks – they looked soooooooo good and I do love a big hunk of meat!

I kept the evening meal a secret from the fam – wanted to see the look on their faces when they were presented with these monstrous steaks….well, I can tell you that some of the reactions were:

(my daughter): “What the effing hell?”

(my partner): “Who are we, The Fintstones?”

(my daughter): “You’re a freak mum!”

(my partner): “How much did these mothers cost?”

Of course I made seasoned chips to go with these but decided against the salad – Yup, that’s right! Meat and Potatoes for dinner!

My daughter and I (normal people) like our steaks medium rare but my partner likes his a little more on the done side (not normal) so I had to chuck his on the grill a good 5 mins before ours, seared it well and then poured some Marsala over it and popped it in the oven – still juicy and not too bloody.

The other 2 steaks were seared well and also had the hit of Marsala but were nice and bloody on the inside – so juicy and the home made chips were seasoned with paprika and salt.

By the way, it took me 2 days to get through the steak – the second day I sliced it up cold and put it in a wrap with salad and had it for lunch at work!

Food, glorious food!!!