Morning Tea With The Girls

Today was a beautiful sunny day spent with my favourite girls, drinking coffee, eating pastries and custard filled doughnuts and drinking a chilled pink sparkling. Yes, it was only 10:30am but we are still on holidays, and when on holidays, who takes notice of the time?

We are teachers and work together. We live in the same office and have done so for many years. Whilst on school holidays we always make a point of getting together for great food and drinks. We take it in turns and today we were at the new home of one of the girls. Her new place is gorgeous and I fell in love with her kitchen. The kitchen bench was long and sleek with wonderfully streamlined drawers and cupboards and the sun just beamed through the huge glass doors.

We were there to celebrate her new home as well as to support each other as we are back at work next week. This coming term is the most difficult; swapping sunny Autumn days for bleak Winter ones. Exams and reports and that mid year slump we know all too well. None of us are looking forward to the next 11 weeks. Our food get togethers become more frequent with the colder weather as we need something to pick us up.

This short post is a bit of a tribute to these amazing women who juggle work, children, home renovations, relationships, cooking, cleaning as well as handling hundreds of teenagers every single day. We manage to get together and laugh and speak over each other and eat great food and drink wonderful cocktails in the summer and great reds in the winter. Last week’s lamb, cooked on the BBQ served with a spiced up cous cous accompanied with a rocket, pear, feta and walnut salad and finished off with a sickly rich dessert was wonderful. I came home so full and intoxicated by the amazing sunshine (not the alcohol) that I napped on the couch for a couple of hours.

Today we indulged in pastries and a fruit platter and a wonderful homemade cheese pie. We drank strongly brewed coffee followed by this gorgeous pink sparkling. A perfect morning with wonderful people. Life doesn’t get much better than days such as these.

Cheers to my friends, the sun and to you all.