Allergic to Work!

Healing Broth

Holidays are over and the first working week has almost come to an end and yep! I’m sick!

I’ve had a shitty week! Have been feeling ‘not quite right’ all week and today I woke up with a sore throat, burning eyes and a pounding head…so I’m home in bed.

Maybe I’m allergic to work!

It could also be that last weekend I was exposed to many people who wanted to hug and kiss hello and then proceeded to tell me that they have been sick all week with the flu/cold etc…why do people do that? I never do that to people!

Many people at work have also returned sick – they should have stayed home! So what if it’s the beginning of a new term and doesn’t look good if you take sick days after a two week holiday – if you’re sick, you’re sick – stay home and don’t bring your nasties near me!

Being the considerate person I am, have stayed home and kept my germs away from the girls in my office. They would have killed me if I had come to work today – especially Ann – she sends ‘glad you stayed away with your germs’ messages and then remembers to add ‘feel better soon.’

As I have very little appetite I put my handsome man to work on making my favourite broth thingy for lunch. He’s never made it before so I had to shout instructions from the couch. I think it frustrated him a little as the minute I was done slurping it down, he found a reason to head out to the DIY store to get himself ready for a job he has to do on Monday…”just sleep babe…don’t talk…love you” Like I can’t see through that! In other words “you have pissed me off with all your instructions and I’m going to check out some manly stuff now like a sledge hammer and a drill!”

He did quite a good job actually (with the broth thingy)


chicken stock

shao hsing wine

fish sauce

chilli oil

sesame oil

crushed garlic


lime juice

fresh coriander and Vietnamese mint

Spring onions


Gently saute garlic and ginger in chilli and sesame oils, add chicken stock, shao hsing wine, fish sause and lime juice. Simmer for a while to develop the flavours and add coriander, Vietnamese mint and spring onions.

I haven’t added quantities as you can add more or less of what you like. Needless to say I added lots of everything, especially chilli oil and garlic. When I’m not sick I add chicken or prawns (or both), bean shoots, noodles, lemongrass but I just needed the broth today.

It makes your nose run and if it gets caught in your throat, it makes you cough but I love it!

Here’s to feeling better!