My Second Easter


Today I had my second Easter. While last week’s Good Friday was a seafood fest and quiet, today was  a meat bonanza and loud. Spit roast with lamb and pork and I slow cooked beef spare ribs last night ready for today. They were marinated in maple syrup and red wine and a bit of beef stock. Just wonderful! They were sticky and smoky sweet but meaty and beefy too and melted in your mouth. I wrapped them in layers of foil and placed them on the coals when I got to mum and dad’s to gain a little smokiness too…took the camera…remembered the camera. I seriously had to leave myself a written message on the kitchen bench as I usually forget and am forced to take photos on my phone and everything ends up having a slight greyish look…not pretty.

Speaking of cameras, I live in Australia and the new Lytro camera is not available here yet. All I can say is that my birthday is in June and I want one for my birthday. I keep thinking about the way I will be able to focus and blur and zoom and play with these living pictures…so get your act together and release it here!

Back to today’s shits and giggles with my family. Firstly, everyone spoke as though they had a hearing problem and tried to get everything in at once and yelled over each other. My partner refers to my parents as ‘the real Costanzas.’ Not nice! But have to secretly admit it’s true! Dad being almost 84 years old has decided that he doesn’t have to ‘dress’ properly for such occasions so he was wearing his track pants with multiple top layers. I swear I’ve never seen anything like it…singlet followed by T.Shirt followed by long sleeve shirt followed by jumper and finally a zip up jacket. It was warm today so he dispensed with the zip up jacket. He was wearing his outdoor slippers and his baseball cap…Why was a Greek man living in Melbourne, Australia wearing a baseball cap? Anyway, mum wouldn’t let him any of the pictures.

“Go away Kon! No photos for you! You look like you still living in the village in Greece!”

He, of course replied “I’m not going away. Who gonna see me here in my backyard…Maybe Queen Elizabeth? I give her some lamb and she not care how I dress. Why you care? Maybe you from Buckingham Palace not village too?”

“Stop it Kon. You’re silly man!”

Meanwhile, my brother was still cursing our footy team losing to our arch enemies two nights ago and is still shaking his head at our thrashing. His poor wife was retelling stories to my partner of how he lost his cool and was nearly escorted off the ground…had they not been in a corporate box…gotta love Aussie footy!!! Mind you I’m still grieving over Friday night’s loss too.

Get the picture? My family is fun. It was an unusually warm day for Autumn  (27C) and we ate outside in the sunshine. It was a gorgeous day. My sister and I were talking at the same time at each other, two totally different conversations but somehow responding to each other as if we were actually listening. The kids were running around…you know…just screaming and running in circles (maybe due to all the chocolate they had been eating while waiting for the food to be served) and the two teenagers were just looking at everyone, shaking their heads and saying “This is our family!”

The kids organised an Easter Egg hunt for everyone and it took forever as my parent’s backyard is huge, but if any of us adults found any eggs we had to surrender them to the kids as we were not allowed to keep any of them!

My best friend also came along and as we have known each other forever, she is more like family. Anything my family does that embarrasses us, she finds extremely amusing. Let’s just say that her face hurt from laughing!

Meanwhile, mum and dad were in and out of the house yelling instructions at each other and every now and then dad would check the meat on the spit and slice off a piece, fork it and hand it to me…because he knows I like it when I eat the lamb while it’s still turning over the hot coals. He always cuts off the pieces of lamb I like best. The pork was succulent and the lamb was soooo good!

It was exhausting but as usual we came home feeling full and fully satisfied. We also noticed how quiet our house was and after a day like today, we don’t even turn on the TV and when we speak it’s almost inaudible. We were ready to go back to work tomorrow and even though I will have a little cry later on tonight in bed that my two week break went so quickly and was swallowed up by celebrating two Easters, I know I will be enjoying lamb or pork rolls for lunch over the next few days and that’s always wonderful. I am also quite happy that the madness of having two Easters is over and I can begin to focus on my cooking again rather than baking. I am a cook rather than a baker…I have been teaching myself to bake…but cooking meals is my true passion and even though work is tough and I come home exhausted, the best way for me to unwind is to create homey, comforting yet healthy meals for my family and I love it!

Enjoy the photos 🙂