It’s Ok to Like Chai!

Chai Pistachio Cake

There are many things I try not admit to in my life. One of them is admitting that I was wrong about something or someone. After all I have a reputation to protect. But, there have been a few times in my life where I have had to do just that.

I hated the popular people at school. I was never one of them and never wanted to be. These people would probably say it was because I was jealous but honestly, the thought of feeling smug and beautiful in my stupidity and ignorance just didn’t appeal to me. The very idea of actively pursuing boys by putting on the dumb act was so disturbing to me, it actually gave me nightmares that I would one day turn 15 and become a brain dead boy crazy idiot!

However, I did turn 15 and I did become boy crazy but strangely, I didn’t become an idiot. It was ok to be smart and be boy crazy. So, I set out to over achieve (as usual) in both departments. Let’s just test how smart and boy crazy I can get! As it turned out, I could  get really, really smart and really, really, boy crazy!

I had to admit I was wrong. These girls weren’t stupid because they were boy crazy; they were just stupid…full stop! And, when I bump into them on the street today, they are still stupid – ugly, you can fix – stupid, you are stuck with!

Nor does, as it turns out, liking Chai Lattes transform one into an unwashed hippy who eats nothing but lentils and mung beans (not that there’s anything wrong with lentils or mung beans, I just don’t want to smell like them)…believe me, there is a smell…we hired a girl a couple of years ago (against my advice) – a hippy teacher and she smelt like lentils (she ate them every day). I was glad to say that that was one time I didn’t have to admit I was wrong and the others had to apologise to me.

You see, up until a week ago I had refused to even say the word ‘chai’ out loud for fear of turning all hippy and shit. There was no way in hell I was drinking it! Strong coffee girl right here! But, my friend made one at her place last week while I was there for a scrumptious lunch, and the smell just hit me. Such a delightful, spicy aroma of all my favourites things. She urged, and goaded, dared me even, to try ‘just a little’ she said. ‘I drink it’ she said. ‘I’m not a hippy’ she said…So, I hesitantly sipped and hated to admit that I really, really liked it. I also told her that if we were ever out at a cafe that she must order it for me as I’m still not quite comfortable saying it loud, in public.

So, as I did years ago with the smart and boy crazy thing, I set out to over achieve in the Chai department to see if any signs of hippy crept in…so far, so good!

Needless to say that I am now making my own Chai using whole spices rather than buying the ready made stuff – although they’re pretty good too, just a little too sweet for my liking.

Again, I have had to admit I was wrong. Drinking Chai doesn’t make you a hippy – being a hippy makes you a hippy (not that there’s anything wrong with that – unless you smell like stale, dusty lentils!)

Today, I took it all one step further and made a ‘Chai and Pistachio Cake’ from a recipe I found on a blog called “Making it with Danielle” right here on wordpress.

Hers looks much better than mine

Hers looks much better than mine

Here is the link and recipe to her beautiful cake: (her cake looks much nicer than mine but it was seriously delicious) and the only thing I did differently was use dark muscovado sugar instead of just plain brown sugar – can’t get enough of that stuff and it adds to the spiciness.

My house smells divine!

So yummy...

So yummy…


Tastes and smells amazing!

Tastes and smells amazing!



6 thoughts on “It’s Ok to Like Chai!

  1. It’s a spiced/sweet/ tea from India. I don’t drink my coffee with sugar or much milk at all so I really thought I wouldn’t like this. However, I love cardamon, nutmeg, cinnamon, star anise (some people add ginger but I don’t). There are ready made chai tea bags and they are pretty nice but it is quite nice to make your own as you can control the intensity and sweetness of it. This cake was lovely and not sweet, just a beautiful flavour of the above spices and the dark muscovado was a wonderful addition. Make sure you include a post here if you bake a carrot cake. 🙂

  2. Have never heard of chai tea. Then again, I’ve never been a hippy. Although, that was my nickname during school. *sighs* Never cared for it. Fashion victim I would’ve been okay with. I’m so with you about muscovado. I can buy a raw cane sugar called molasses and its flavour is heavenly. Must, repeat 98 times, must bake carrot cake.

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