Soup, Sex and Pink Floyd

Pumpkin Soup

I think pumpkin soup is one of my favourites. The weather is still quite warm and not exactly soup weather but I had a craving as well as pumpkin that needed to be used sitting in the fridge.

My holidays so far have consisted of lots of naps, reading and cooking. I could do this shit for a living!

Maybe, just maybe, I belong to the wrong era. Maybe, I could have been the perfect 1950’s housewife. I could shop for food, cook, wash clothes, raise a child, get my hair done, take Prozac, have an afternoon lie down and prepare nice cocktails for me and my man when he got home from work and sex would be easy – just lie there and do nothing until it was all over – hell, I could nap through it!

Actually, I do most of that now (except the sex bit – what can I say, I’m an over achiever)

Nah! I couldn’t be a 1950’s housewife (didn’t like the dresses and I’m not a white court shoe girl – I’m more your 1960’s go – go girl with the white knee high boots, false eyelashes and psychedelic clothes, dancing in a cage!

I have a theory that everyone should work like I do – 10 weeks of bloody hard work then 2 weeks off -then 12 weeks of more bloody hard work and another 2 weeks off – restores and regenerates the mind and body – people would be more productive, happy, eat better food and have more sex! A much nicer society to live in –  modern day Prozac should also be compulsory, to be taken each night after the evening meal with a big shot of Vodka, recreating the kind of calm you felt when you were 18yrs old after smoking dope and listening to ‘Comfortably Numb’ by Pink Floyd.

None of this has any relevance to the soup. It’s just rambling…and the title of the post is just some random words from here that sounded good when chucked together!

Ok, time to get back to the soup, which was the whole point of this post in the first place – I know it was just getting interesting but the whole point of this blog is to post about food not delve into my murky life.

Sometimes making soup gives me the simplicity I crave in my cooking (in other words, too lazy to do anything else) – simple to make but nothing simple about the flavour.

Firstly choose your favourite type of pumpkin – I’m a butternut pumpkin fan; cut it in chunks – peel 6 – 8 small onions (keep them whole, don’t chop) – 6 garlic cloves (whole, don’t peel) – slather the whole thing in olive oil, salt pepper, fresh oregano and rosemary and the spice mix I used in the meat balls last night – refer to this post for the ingredients: and bake in a hot oven until everything looks and smells wonderful.

Delicious goodness

Delicious goodness

Take out of the oven and transfer to a saucepan (remember to squeeze the garlic out of its skin before you add them to the pot) and add stock (chicken or vegetable stock – it’s up to you) and simmer until the stock has taken on all the flavours of the roasted pumpkin, onions and garlic.

All baked and ready for the pot

All baked and ready for the pot


the stock is awesome!

the stock is awesome!

Turn off and allow to cool for a while then use a stick blender to whizz everything together until nicely smooth and creamy. Spoon into bowls, add a dollop of sour crean and crunchy bacon bits and enjoy with crusty bread.

I love bacon!

I love bacon!

So dreamy and creamy!

So dreamy and creamy!

3 thoughts on “Soup, Sex and Pink Floyd

  1. Not started yet – such a technophobe, but getting braver daily. Been writing stuff for a safe audience for a while now and preparing to take the big step. Not specifically foody though, more blokey lifestyle stuff, but hopefully someone somewhere may enjoy. Anyway, keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more. Adam

    • No wonder I couldn’t find anything! Good luck with the writing and up until a few years ago I couldn’t even open my emails now I can’t keep away from my laptop, ipad & phone! Lifestyle blokey stuff hey? – let me know when you start posting and I’ll check it out. Really surprised anyone reads my blog as most of the time I just ramble 🙂

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