Get your hiking boots girl…

Really nice steak for dinner

I don’t even think this has a name.

I was using up stuff from my fridge that were beginning to look a little less than fresh.

Believe it or not I didn’t go food shopping over the weekend…went clothes shopping Saturday morning and had every intention to food shop after that and by that I mean after clothes shopping and coffee and scones with jam and cream with a friend.

Getting back to my car my friend pointed out that my car was missing something very important…license plates! WTF!!!

A visit to the Police Station and a Police report later and that was the end of my day! The thought of some ass wipe committing a crime with my license plate on some car they’ve stolen and trying to pin the blame on me…well…may fleas and other nasties infest your nether regions and set up camp forever you effn f@*#er!!!

It was hot and humid and my arse was not going anywhere after all that! Even the idea of finally picking up my Spanish white anchovies wasn’t enough to motivate me such was my black mood.

Sorry, crazy mood over…and then it was a new day!

A beautiful day yesterday saw us out for lunch by the bay in Williamstown and then a long drive to Daylesford to peruse the local antique shops and galleries and a rather luke warm, vomit inducing ‘iced’ chocolate..horrible! I only felt better when I walked into an actual real book store with actual real books and found a copy of Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential”…had to buy it as some effn swine stole it from my bookshelf many years ago…I think Mr. Bourdain is wonderful.

So with my smile planted nicely back on my face I made us a nice dinner tonight to farewell my daughter who is off camping for the rest of the week. You have no idea how funny this is to me. She hates camping and hiking and bugs and everything that goes with it and so does her boy friend but his dad has insisted that they all go off camping and hiking this week…the pleasure I will get from the torture she will suffer this week is rather perverse I know but I can’t help it…she says I’m evil and she may just be right!

My daughter is happier shopping than hiking!

So, what went into this…a nice cut of steak, leeks, red onion, asparagus with Marsala, cream and blue cheese sauce sitting on a bed of lettuce…pretty damn good actually. ย 

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