A Sunshine Blog Award

Thank You

Thank you to:


for nominating me for a Sunshine blog award…People you need to check out this blog…really wonderful with great photos.

OK! There are rules I must follow and the last time I tried to do this none of my links would work so I was unable to complete the task required for my “One Lovely Blog Award.”

So, here’s hoping this works.

I have to answer some questions about myself first and I aim to do so in my usual charming and witty way…here goes…

1. Who is your favourite Philosopher?

Easy…Sextus Empiricus

Sextus Empiricus raised concerns which applied to all types of knowledge. He doubted the validity of induction long before its best known critic David Hume, and raised the regress argument against all forms of reasoning…Nah! Jokes…I just chose this philosopher because it had the word ‘sex’ in it aye!

2. What is your favourite number?

Taken directly from a scene of ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ when asked the very same question…well…you work it out!

3. What is your favourite animal?

I could say cat and dog because I own both but if we are being truthful here… and I mean really honest…then ‘a big strong beastly man’ is my favourite animal.

4. What are your Facebook and Twitter

@kissarmy67 for Twitter but I hardly ever use Twitter so I’m surprised I remembered and my facebook food page is linked to this blog and as I can’t remember what it is, you will have to check out my blog in order to find out.

5. What is your favourite part of the day?

This definitely depends on whether I am on holidays or not…early morning for holidays and the end of a working day if not on holidays…basically any time I am not at work and where somewhere in the world it is wine o’clock…or in my case…Vodka Time.

6. What is your favourite physical activity?

Seriously? … See number 2 for this…no! no! no!…jks…ummm…I can do loads of push ups 🙂

7. What is your favourite non – alcoholic drink?

What!!!???!!! They sell non – alcoholic drinks now?…when did that happen?

8. What is your favourite flower?

I do love roses but really any flower I don’t kill is a good one.

9. What is your passion?

Seriously asking for it here…I love my pantry but that’s more of an obsession…I would have to say that I’m passionate about passion…it’s a beautiful word!

Nomate 10 others for this award…here goes…

roar sweetly…www.http://roarsweetly.wordpress.com/…what an awesome name and blog…pictures are fantastic!

food is the best shit ever..http://foodisthebestshitever.wordpress.com/…because it’s nice to support the crazy people in this world and of course their food is full of total awesomness!

homemade with mess…http://homemadewithmess.wordpress.com/…because she cooks food that I love to eat and is holding a glass of wine in her picture:)

things my belly likes…http://thingsmybellylikes.com/…because my belly loves all her food and she’s been with me since the beginning.

frugal feeding…http://frugalfeeding.com/…because of your great use of alliteration and for those awesome blueberry brownines.

jono and jules do food and wine…http://jonoandjules.com/…because their  name sounds suspiciously like a certain film where a certain woman does a certain something in Dallas…plus I have tried lots of their recipes and they have been fantastic!

cumin seeds…http://cuminseeds.wordpress.com/…for a really beautiful blog and her ‘Raspberry and Kiwi Pavlova’ look divine 🙂

jibuyabu…http://jibuyabu.wordpress.com/ for exquisite photos and great recipes 🙂

Now, I know I was meant to nominate 10 blogs and I only have 8…it was all the time I had whilst supervising a Year 10 Maths exam…sorry ’bout that!

ok…now that I’m checking the post and I have been told none of the links work…and they don’t, I’m off to the bloody pub!!!

fixin’ my mess later!!!

cheers 🙂

13 thoughts on “A Sunshine Blog Award

    • I accidentally published the post before it was ready to go as I hadn’t finished what I was required to do and then check everything. Will finish what I needed to do and then check out where i went wrong.
      thank you very much

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