Queen Victoria Market

Asparagus and Leek Something or Other…

Yesterday was a beautiful warm and sunny day in Melbourne and called for a stroll through The Queen Victoria Market.

Many years ago I used to do all my food shopping there. My dad introduced me to his favourite butcher and my sister – in – law’s family owned a couple of the fish/seafood stalls so I was always guaranteed to get the best and freshest of everything. I had my trolley and never needed a list, buying what caught my eye. I loved doing this. Then along came a child (my child, not that I found one at the market) and full time work and those weekly visits came to an end.

Of course dad’s butcher is no longer there and my sister – in – law’s fam have sold up and retired.

Yesterday I had the need to get there and just soak up the atmosphere. Lots more sit down food/coffee areas but the stalls full of crappy Australiana are still there. We walked up and down every aisle, looking at every crappy T.Shirt, remote control toys for kids and the little battery operated yappy dogs that did flips (I had one of those when I was kid) and found my eyes welling up. My handsome man’s eyes were also teary and I was shocked to see him so emotional but it turns out his eyes were teary because of a man who obviously needed a lesson in personal hygiene and not from any type of nostalgia!

Strolling through the fruit and veg stalls were the guys competing for business, trying to out yell one another. Seriously, this one guy was about to burst the veins in his neck…indeed at one point I thought his head would explode…So, I stood, watched and waited but alas no joy! His head stayed intact!

They had the most beautiful smelling mangoes and awesome pomegranates as well as the freshest looking asparagus I have ever seen. I bought lots of each.

The pomegranates are gone already as I went on a bit of a Vodka kick when I got home (it was a hot day ok!!!) and squeezed the juice into my martini glass and banged out all those amazing little rubies with my rolling pin and added them to my glass and poured in my Vodka and sat outside in my small court yard and just went to Heaven for a while…mmmmmm….Vodka!

But this really is about the asparagus. I came home from work today and looked through the freezer (found puff pastry) so decided that the asparagus would go into this pie/quiche thingy. Full of the free range eggs I had bought and the baby leeks, the grated nutmeg and some wonderful cheese (blue cheese and parmesan) and cream and topped with sliced tomatoes from the organic section and served with a green salad…well, it was so good I made two of them so I could have some more tomorrow.

Oh, and I finally managed to track down the dark muscovado sugar I have been looking for so the ingredients for my Christmas cake a slowly coming together…Damn that Nigella and her must try Chocolate Christmas Cake with ingredients that are hard to come by…

Cheers people and now for the rest of my Pomegranate Vodka which has steeped nicely over night…thank you Melbourne for giving me a day off work tomorrow for a horse race πŸ™‚

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