International Grocers and Ugg Boots

Comfort Shopping

So, my last post stated that I was sick today – head cold driving me insane! I also told you how I’ve been left on my own to fend for myself and my retail therapy day had been cancelled. Well, by 8:30am I was already going nuts thinking of the long day ahead of me…sick but thinking about food!

I was given strict instructions by Mr. Handsome to not stray too far from my bed. He needs to choose his words more carefully in future in that I see a comment like that as totally open to interpretation. I mean it’s all relative isn’t it? When you consider that a drive down the coast (more than an hour or two away) is definitely too far from my bed, a trip to the international grocers less than a 5 minute drive from my house is not far at all in comparison.

Thursday night was Greek food night in our house and Friday night was Thai. Tonight was going to be Italian with a wonderful pumpkin risotto. When I make pumpkin risotto I always bake the pumpkin first and caramalise the onions but the energy required for that was totally lacking today. Luckily I have a a jar of caramalised onions and garlic in the pantry.

I broke a rule today and it wasn’t the rule about not straying too far from bed…I didn’t!

I went out wearing ugg boots!

They are strictly indoor footwear for me, never to be seen outside the front door in case someone believes I have a desire to dress like Britney Spears!!! The thought makes me shudder!

So, with my ugg boots on (they are so warm and comfortable) and my head down (no eye contact with anyone) I headed to the grocers down the road and stocked up on a few things I thought I may need for the weekend.

I bought swiss cheese and a block of parmesan and a wonderful salami with fennel. They sell a frozen spanakopita imported from Greece ready to pop in the oven – no phyllo pastry but real traditional pastry…I swear it tastes just like the one my mum makes. I also bought some freshly baked olive bread and a vacuum sealed packet of pumpkin risotto imported from Italy so all I need to do is add butter, caramalised onion from jar, stock and parmesan – too easy.

I also bought some prosciutto, pancetta and bacon. This place is heaven for me!

I spied a box of Canadian Maple Syrup Cream cookies as well as some French Iced cookies, and not having any cookies in the pantry at all meant that these wonderful looking things were added to the list of things I may need over the weekend…hmmm, didn’t even realise that I might just feel like Maple Syrup cream but you just never know.

Ugg boots off now and back into bed…thank goodness for my laptop as using my daughter’s computer all the way upstairs in her bedroom…now that would be too far from my bed for me!

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