Saturday Mayhem

Sausage Rolls

Today I paid the price for having such a great day yesterday!

Yesterday we had been given the day off work to concentrate on writing our mid year reports. I had already completed 3 of my 5 classes and as my partner was home as well I thought I’d skip the report writing and go out and have a leisurely lunch at a great Vietnamese restaurant. I wasn’t going to get much done with both him and my daughter home anyway and as I would have the house to myself on Saturday I thought I was set…I thought…

So…let’s see…my mum was having a plant sale and no one had helped her set up, so out of the house early to help her out (what a good daughter)…then…off to see a house that we were interested in…then I had to look for a Bolero jacket for a wedding I’m going to in 2 weeks (I swear they were everywhere 2 weeks ago and now – NOTHING!)…then food shopping…my favourite thing to do!…BUT…not when some reverses into my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having just just got our other car back yesterday after it had been smashed by the mechanic after a routine service, this was not what I needed…add another wasted hour to my day to check out damage and swap details!

Before the day could get any worse I took myself off to my favourite gourmet international deli/supermarket, where things are wonderful but extremely pricey. Never mind…I had many wonderful food loving moments and everything felt slightly better.

No gourmet dinner tonight but really felt like getting my hands dirty. So, I made sausage rolls. Squishing up the minced beef and pork with herbs, egg and sauces and downing a glass of red wine while doing it was messy but extremely satisfying.

Not an out of this world recipe but wonderful all the same. I’ve said it before…the simple things in life are always the best!

pork mince

beef mince

grated carrot

grated onion

salt & pepper


1 egg

tomato sauce (ketchup)

bbq sauce

worcestershire sauce

puff pastry

Squelch together well with your hands (the best part) and let sit for around 10 mins.

Cut each sheet of puff pastry in half and spread a decent amount of the prepared mixture along each. Roll and cut 3 slits along each roll. Brush with beaten egg or milk and place on baking trays. Bake in a very hot pre heated oven (200 degrees) for around 20 mins.

Cut them up and serve with tomato sauce. My daughter and I just like to eat them like this…nothing else with them…just scrummy sausage rolls!

What do you think? Thanks for visiting :)

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