And The Award Goes To…

I Won An Award!!!

I have only been doing this for about 3 weeks so you can imagine my surprise this morning when I awoke to find that I had received the One Lovely Blog award. As I had just woken up and not had my morning coffee as yet (notice that the first thing I do every morning is log on to my laptop!) I read the award as the “One Lovely Lady” award and had to admit I was a little perplexed…flattered, but perplexed!  Once I focussed and put on my reading glasses, I had the biggest laugh when I could finally see what it actually said.

I have been awarded this by fellow blogger    whose blog I really enjoy reading especially her post titled:

My First Traffic Violation, and a Metaphorical Coin

My joy of receiving this soon turned to anxiety as I knew that there was protocol involved here and I didn’t want to do the wrong thing.

Firstly, I have to share who gave me the award with a link back to their blog: Check…done that!

Secondly, I have to list 7 random facts about myself…here goes:

1: I’m a high school teacher and teach in one of the poorer suburbs in Melbourne. This, however, does not mean it’s an underperforming school, in fact, due to a lot of hard work over the years, this school has done almost as well as some of the ‘better’ schools in the surrounding suburbs. I love our students. They come from all over the world and they are fantastic!

2: I was born in Melbourne, Australia. I have travelled extensively and even pulled my daughter out of school in grade 4 for a year and we lived and travelled around Europe…no better education as far as I’m concerned!

3: My daughter Alexandra will be 18 years old this year and I’m freaking out! She is in her last year of school and is learning to drive (you have to be 18 to get your license here), has a boyfriend and a part time job. She is saving to take a gap year next year and travel around Europe with friends. My baby has grown up and I’m so proud of her but will miss her so much when she leaves.

4: I live with my partner Dean and we have a 3 year old Shar Pei dog named Bella and a very independent 16 year old cat named Jack. Dean is the reason I started baking. He is a major sweet tooth and so I decided to bake instead of spending huge dollars on going out for coffee and cake.

5: I seriously love cooking and dream about shopping for food. I’m obsessive about keeping the pantry stocked full of things I may someday need. I blame Nigella Lawson for this! I love Nigella Lawson!

6: I’m a chocoholic and rarely go a day without eating or drinking chocolate.

7: I only started baking in January this year and have found a new passion. I was always so scared of baking because to me, it was more of science and had to be precise but it has been great to stock the pantry with the right stuff and buy cake/muffin tins and cookie sheets and…just so many new things to buy. It’s been awesome!

OK! That is done.

Next, I have to forward this award to 15 other bloggers…so here goes:

1:thingsmybellylikes  for loving the same things as I do and making me laugh.

2: Stephanie  for making some great food and enjoying cooking from scratch.

3: Jar Of Salt for being one of the first bloggers to ‘like’ my posts.

4: maggiesonebuttkitchen for being so informative and having a great blog name.

5: domestic diva, M.D.for seriously making me laugh and some great recipes

6: The Ranting Chef who has some great step by step pictures and is not afraid to write about failures.

7: texanaskitchen who has a great looking blog and I love  their post  The Great Cheese Betrayal

8: cookiemomma for a really creative, great looking blog.

9:  bessie26 whose Potato & spinach cakes were just wonderful!

10: 7theaven for being another first ‘liker’ of my blog and offering encouragement.

11: theprimalsexy for a really varied blog and the best “Elvis-Bites” … they looked great!

12: Happy cat girl because I love reading about her cats and I tried her Easy supercute Sushi! and they were fantastic!

13: Assia’s Kaleidoscope for having the most beautiful pictures and wonderful food ideas.

14: lezoemusings for a lovely, varied blog with some wonderful photos.

15: filmphanatic for a great blog about my second favourite topic…movies.

All done! Congratulations to everyone 🙂


10 thoughts on “And The Award Goes To…

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  2. thingsmybellylikes it is great to find new blogging buddies indeed! My shar pei is just a cutie…she’s black with some wrinkles (not too many) and she snores, snorts and sleeps most of the day and has an amazing blue tongue!
    PS: My post tonight will mention you and your evil plan to steal my brilliant motto and make millions and retire to Maui…:)…love your work 🙂

  3. theprimalsexy you are very welcome! It was an amazing experience travelling and then living in the house my father grew up in…a little village on an island in Greece! Was just wonderful and thankfully my daughter still remembers it all as she was 10 yrs old.

  4. happycatgirl I’m so glad you made the pie and enjoyed it. I just love them and as it’s getting cold here, I will be making quite a few. The ‘lovely lady’ thing has now become a running joke with the girls in my office at work…why did I open my mouth? 🙂

  5. bessie26 I was the same when I received it but it actually didn’t take me long to come up with my 15 in the end. I just now need to learn how to nominate people for awards myself! Great way to get to ‘meet’ fellow bloggers…such a great community 🙂

  6. ahhhh thanks! 🙂 I am struggling to think of 15 blogs to nominate as I don’t really follow many, but this will encourage me to go nosing around at some!

  7. Thank you thank you for the award and mentioning my post! Made me feel all fuzzy inside. I too made a meat pie inspired by your Great Aussie pie, a real treat that we enjoyed over several glorious meals. Congrats to you for the award, a lovely blog from a lovely lady!

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